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There are several companies that claim they can give you a lower rate than your current company offers you. While these companies are pretty competitive, they usually severely under insure their clients. The large network of carriers at Professional Insurance Associates (PIA) allow me in most cases to beat what you are currently paying. In addition to saving money, these carriers available through PIA allow me to insure you properly as well. If you are tired of running around several different carriers for the best price, allow me to do this for you. Let me save you valuable time by running your quotes through all of our carriers in one shot.

The most important aspect regarding your auto insurance is your liability coverage. California’s minimum required liability coverage for auto insurance is $15,000 per person with a maximum of $30,000 for all people involved in a single accident for bodily injury, and $5,000 for property damage. You should ask yourself “is my coverage sufficient enough in case the unexpected happens?” How would I pay for any difference if I am in an accident and my insurance policy doesn’t cover the entire loss? Did you even know you can be liquidated of any personal assets if you injure someone else in an accident beyond your policy limits? No one wants to think about this until something goes wrong, and until it becomes too late!!!

Let me make this right for you by reviewing your current insurance, and making recommendations with a professional coverage comparison quote I can tailor for your specific needs. In addition you would have me as your agent and PIA's professional customer service representatives always on your side. We would make this necessary aspect of your life as simple as possible. Besides the better price you can get on your auto insurance along with the proper coverage, know that you will have the personalized service you deserve from an agent that cares about your actual needs. You will not get this service from most other insurers especially the online companies.
Why should you choose me for all of your Auto Insurance Needs?
I understand that unfortunate situations happen and there is still a need to drive a vehicle. Whether you have multiple tickets, accidents, or even a DUI, you can still be insured. One of the main factors in your rate is the amount of points on your driving record. The more points you have, the higher the premium will be. We are still very competitive in this area and can usually come in a bit lower through our large network of carriers. Call me so I can better explain this or any other area of insurance to you!
What if your driving record isn't perfect?
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Other areas to consider when purchasing an Auto Policy:
Optional Coverages:
Medical Coverage - provides medical payments to the policy owner and any others in the car after an accident with no need of gross negligence proven.
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI) - provides uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist protection for the policy owner when the negligent driver has an insufficient amount of liability insurance under his/her own policy.
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) - provides coverage up to $3,500 for liability only policies when your vehicle is damaged by someone who is uninsured. Usually less than $10 to add.
Collision Deductible Waiver (CDW) - This coverage pays the collision deductible on full coverage policies when your vehicle is damaged by an uninsured motorist. Usually less than $10 to add.
Comprehensive and Collision - Collision covers damages to your car when it is involved in an accident. Comprehensive covers anything other than collision such as vandalism, stolen car, stolen car stereo, fire, etc.
Physical damage coverage, Comprehensive and Collision, is required on all vehicles that are leased or financed throughout the duration of the loan. This is in addition to California’s minimum liability requirement.

How does your deductible work for Comp and Collision?


You need to choose the deductible on your comprehensive and collision coverage’s. Deductibles can be as low as $100. The deductible is a cost sharing method used by insurance companies. Basically, the lower the deductible, the higher the premium. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Contact me for a further explanation.



This coverage pays for the cost to have your car towed after an accident. You must have Comprehensive and Collision coverage for this coverage to take effect.

Rental Car Benefit

This coverage pays for the cost to rent a car after an accident. This also requires Comprehensive and Collision coverage for this coverage to take effect.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance - see Misc. Insurance page.

Lease Gap Coverage

This coverage is very important if you lease a car and is highly recommended. This option pays the difference in the vehicles market value at time of loss, and the value stated in the lease.



Looking to get that Motorcycle back on the road to save gas during these tough times?
Whether you ride your motorcycle for pleasure on the weekends or use it as your main means of transportation, PIA has the right coverage for you! Also, if you are a Gold Wing Road Riders Association member, you may qualify for a special discount.

Contact me for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote regardless of your situation. More often than not, I am able to save clients a substantial amount of money.
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