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I understand how valuable your time is and in some cases, it is not convenient to contact an agent directly to give required information for a quote. I can provide you the convenience of submitting your information online 24 hours a day. I will then process your quote and either e-mail or fax it back to you. Of course you can always contact me directly by phone or e-mail anytime! Whatever is most convenient for you is my top priority!

What is the difference in my service over processing a quote through one of the online carriers? The online insurance companies do not truly explain all of your insurance exposures. They simply just sell you a policy according to what you know and how you answer their online questions. You basically become a virtual agent. My service does not provide an instant start of coverage as I feel only a qualified agent can truly assess your unique situation, not a website.

My online submission forms will be sent to me immediately and I will review them the same day. Within 24 hours or less in most cases, I will provide you a quote to your e-mail box or by fax. Unlike the online companies, I will always ensure you have the right coverage and the best possible price for your unique situation. Should a change be required to a quote, I can quickly and easily make that change before you decide to purchase a policy. It is easier on the client if an agent finds all the solutions during the quoting process. Should you purchase a policy through another online carrier and need a change, I understand how difficult and time consuming it would be.

Having me always at your side as your agent would simplify every process regarding all of your insurance needs. Take the responsibility of insuring yourself properly off your hands and allow me to ensure you are taken care of the right way. I am an agent that will take care of all your needs from the quoting process, through the purchase of a policy, and even beyond the purchase when you need someone there regarding any of the policy services in your contract.
Elias Melas - Agent
1100 Industrial Road #3
San Carlos, CA, 94070
(415) 613-2666 - Cell
(650) 592-7333 - Office
(650) 594-4936 - Fax
License # - 0F96356
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For all commercial (business insurance) requests, please either call me on my cellular phone or e-mail me directly. Commercial insurance is very complex and there is no online form that can provide you the service that a knowledgeable agent can. Contacting me directly regarding this need would save you the most time and get you the right answers you need the first time around.

If you need a quote for your motorcycle, please contact me directly as well. There are several different variations that can affect your rate and I want to ensure you completely understand the exposures that are involved.
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To receive the auto / homeowners or auto / renters discount, please complete and submit both forms and the discount will be automatically added when the quote is run.


To get your quote for a condominium, please contact me directly as this coverage requires a further explanation before a quote can be completed.


Landlords, if you have a 4 unit or less apartment complex or you are renting out a house that you own, this is written on a personal lines policy. Anything 5 units or greater is written on a commercial lines policy. Please call me directly for a quote in this area so I can make this complicated process very easy for you.