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Elias at Holly Suso's Wine Tasting Party
Elias & Margie at the Top of Mission Peak In Fremont
Elias & Margie at Jeff James' 35th Birthday Party In San Francisco at The House of Prime Rib
Elias at John Kousoulakis' Party
Elias & Margie at Holly Suso's Going Away Party
Elias & Friends in Crystal Bay, Nevada - 2009 North Shore Lake Tahoe Trip
 7-16-09 - 7-20-09
Elias & Friends at Betty Kaufman's Wine Tasting Party @ Her Place
Elias & Erik at Debbie Lyn's Costumes Half-a-ween Party @ Rooster T Feathers
Elias & Friends at The Beverly Heritage Hotel B-B-Q By The Pool Event
Elias & Ashley at The San Luis Reservoir
Elias at the Wells Fargo Hosted - San Jose Chamber Of Commerce Christmas Party
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Elias In His Younger Days With His Greek School Class - Early 80's
The Greek Orthodox Church Of The Holy Cross - Belmont, California
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